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  • GT3 RKS



Motor: 1500W
Battery: 72V 24Ah
Battery Power: 110V / 220V 50-60Hz
Maximum Speed: 45 km / h
Autonomy: 60-70 km
Weight: 75 kg
Charging Time: 6 - 8 Hours
Front Wheel: 10 x 3cm
Rear Wheel: 10 x 3cm
Climbing: 15 degrees
Maximum Weight: 160 kg
Rated Consumption: 2.0 kW / Hour
Front Brake: Disc
Rear Brake: Drum

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Electromobility Info

There are more and more reasons to think electric for your next vehicle.

Battery prices are dropping, range is rising and you still have the lower costs for fuel and maintenance. You can even get incentives from the Government, such as grants and lower taxes. We’re here to help you start electric, as we offer a wide range of vehicles plus expert support with your decisions.

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